The Expositors Academy

Preaching the
Word of God

The Expositors Academy is inteneded to equip and train
preachers in their pulpit ministry.

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Preaching the
Word of God

The Expositors Academy is inteneded to equip and train
preachers in their pulpit ministry.

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The Expositors Academy overview

The Divine Call

Preachers are not made – they are born.

Module 1: The History of Preaching
Module 2: What is Expository Preaching?
Module 3: What is an Expository Sermon?
The Call

Fulfilling the High Calling of Expository Preaching

The Expositors Academy overview

Fulfilling the High Calling of Expository Preaching

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Module 01

The History of Preaching

Lecture 1: The Preaching of God

The first gospel preacher in the Bible was God Himself. God spoke His word directly to His spokesmen through the Old Testament. Whether by an audible voice, dreams, visions, stone tablets, tradition, or other means. God is a speaking God.

Lecture 2: The Preaching of Enoch

Enoch walked closely with God throughout his many years as a follower of God. his personal fellowship with God was the strength of his preaching.

Lecture 3: The Preaching of Moses

The first exposition of written Scripture was given by Moses, who wrote the first five books in the Bible, Genesis through Deuteronomy. No Scripture could have been expounded before then becuase the writing of inspires Scripture began with Moses.

Lecture 4: The Preaching of The Minor Prophets

Lecture 5: The Preaching of John The Baptist

Lecture 6: The Preaching of Jesus

The greatest preacher who ever lived was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He was the greatest expository who ever procalimed the gospel.

Lecture 7: The Preaching of Peter

In the Great Commission Jesus charged his disciples to preach repentance for the forgiveness of sin and this divine mandate was laid upon Peter and the other disciples and they went out to fulfil this charge.

Lecture 8: The Preaching of Stephen, Phillip & James

Where there is strong preaching there are usually strong men being raised up to preach. Strong preaching inspires others to do the same. That is presisely what we see in the early chapters of the book of Acts.

Lecture 9: The Preaching of Paul I

Arguably the greatest preacher who lived other than the lord Jesus Christ, was the apostle Paul. The Preaching of the apostle Paul is an example that you should edevor

Lecture 10: The Preaching of Paul II

Lecture 11: The Preaching of Paul III

Lecture 12: The Preaching of Hebrews

Every expositor must be an evangelist, he must be one who preaches the gospel and calls the unvonverted to come to faith in Christ. No preacher can afford to be unconserned about winning the lot to faith in Christ.

Lecture 13: The Preaching in 1 John – Revelation

Gods work never outgrows the primacy of preaching. As we arrive at the last 4 books fo the bible we woul d expect nothing less thatn to see that preaching is at the

Tab 2

Section 02

What is Preaching?

Lecture 14: What is Preaching

Lecture 15: What is Preaching II

Lecture 16: What is Preaching III

Lecture 17: What is Preaching IV

Lecture 18: What is Preaching V

Lecture 19: What is Preaching VI

Tab 3

Module 03

The Mechanics of an Expository Sermon

Lecture 20: The Mechanics of a Sermon

Lecture 21: The Mechanics of a Sermon II

Lecuture 22: The Mechanics of a Sermon III

Lecture 23: The Mechanics of a Sermon IV

Lecture 24: The Mechanics of a Sermon V

Lecture 25: The Mechanics of a Sermon VI

Lecture 26: The Mechanics of a Sermon VII

Lecture 27: The Mechanics of a Sermon VIII

Lecture 28: The Final Charge

your instructor

Dr. Steven J. Lawson

Dr. Steven J. Lawson is President and founder of OnePassion Ministries—and has dedicated his life to help biblical expositors bring about a new reformation in the church.

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Dr. Steven J. Lawson is President and founder of OnePassion Ministries—and has dedicated his life to help biblical expositors bring about a new reformation in the church.


What Other Expositors are Saying about Steve Lawson’s Ministry.

Sinclair Ferguson

Teaching Fellow at Ligonier Ministries

“Steven Lawson’s hallmark is passion for the gospel. It spills over into a contagious enthusiasm for others who share his passion.”

Dr. Albert Mohler

President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Steven Lawson understands that the text of the Bible presents a consistent witness to God’s sovereignty and the panoramic display of God’s glory.”

RC. Sproul

Founder of Ligonier Ministries

“Like a master builder, Steve Lawson gives us the foundation of Jesus’s own words to erect a frame showing the costs, demands, gains, and losses of following Christ. In doing so, Dr. Lawson gives us a strong and firm edifice that brings glory to Him and His truth. “

John MacArthur

Chancellor of Master’s Seminary

“No one surpasses Steve Lawson’s ability to distill rich truths from the text of Scripture and communicate them with eloquent clarity and warm affection. In fact, Steve’s preaching, like Paul’s epistles, is full of contagious passion. His writing is notable for its compelling readability. His insights are profound and eye-opening. You will be edified and encouraged.”


Enrollment Pricing

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Common Questions

Who is this course for?

Expositor’s Academy is designed for Christian men who are ready to feel inspired and confident about the sermons they preach.

What does The Expositors Academy Cost?

The total price is $399. If desired, you can pay using the three month payment plan. The Expositors Academy offers financial aid for those who cannot truly afford the program please just check the box when filling out your application.

Is Expositor’s Academy a one-time fee or billed monthly?

This depends on the payment plan you choose. If you want to pay monthly, you have the option of stretching the payments out over a three month period.

Are the required reading books included for each module?

No. Like a college, university, or seminary course, you’ll have to buy your books.

Is there an expected time to finish the program?

Yes, it is expected that you complete this program in 12 weeks. It is important for a preacher to be able to complete tasks by their deadlines. However you will have lifetime access to the content and the program.

Are the course lessons live or prerecorded?

They are pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace and have lifetime access.